Shah Rukh Khan's Triumphant Return: Media Interaction at Dunki's Grand Release

"Witness the return of Bollywood's King Khan to the limelight with 'Dunki.'"

"After a silence of 5 years since 'Zero' (2018), Shah Rukh Khan finally interacts with the media again."

The Hiatus Ends

"The much-anticipated release of 'Dunki' - a film set to redefine cinema."

Dunki's Release

"SRK's take on films: 'Cinema is not just mass or content-oriented; it's fundamentally entertainment-oriented.'"

SRK’s Philosophy on Cinema

"Shah Rukh Khan praises the directorial vision of Rajkumar Hirani, emphasizing cinema as a director's medium."

The Director's Vision

"Mixed revie their love and critiques for 'Dunki.'"

Audience's Verdict

Audience's Verdict

"Mixed reviews yet passionate responses - fans express their love and critiques for 'Dunki.'"

Box Office Buzz

"A promising start - 'Dunki' makes a mark at the box office on opening day."

Looking ahead - Shah Rukh Khan teases upcoming projects and future plans in cinema."

"Shah Rukh Khan's interaction with the media marks a significant moment in Bollywood, continuing his legacy."